Wesbank Wshop

Wesbank Wshop

As a WesBank customer, Wshop allows you to buy selected vehicle add-ons such as tyres, batteries, accessories, and more through your vehicle finance contract.

How it works

Once we’ve received your documents, we’ll add the cost of your chosen product to the amount you still owe on your finance agreement.

Depending on the product, it will either be brought to you and installed, or we’ll give you the proof of payment to go and collect it.

Your monthly installments will be adjusted to include your chosen product, and you’ll end up paying it off over the remainder of your finance agreement.

Wshop qualifying criteria:

3 months bank statements

Proof of income (a recent payslip)

A healthy credit status

Note: The amount you can spend through Wshop depends on many factors tied to your credit profile. You may not be eligible to use this payment method if you’re at the beginning or end of your finance term, or if you have unresolved payments.The products we’ll show you are those that add value to your quoted car, and may only be installed on that car.