Wesbank Upcoming Auctions

Wesbank Upcoming Auctions

Upcoming Auctions

Find the auction centre closest to you and view their catalogue of mostly bank repossessed cars. Auctions are run once a week and auction car catalogues are updated at 12 pm before the day of the auction.

10:0018 Sep 2018Burchmores Durban Auction 0As Cooper031 263 1832CATALOGUE
10:0018 Sep 2018Durban Burchmores (Nr) 0As Cooper031 263 1832CATALOGUE
10:0019 Sep 2018Rose Innes East London Non Runner /Salvage Auction 13H De Jager043 743 0036CATALOGUE
10:0019 Sep 2018Rose-Innes East London Auction 41H De Jager043 743 0036CATALOGUE
10:3019 Sep 2018Auction Operation Non Runner/Salvage Nelspruit Auction 13H Landman078 291 8069CATALOGUE
10:3019 Sep 2018Auction Operation Runner Nelspruit Auction 22H Landman078 291 8069CATALOGUE
10:3019 Sep 2018Burchmores Cpt Bw Auction 119A Steenveld021 525 2733CATALOGUE
10:3019 Sep 2018Cape Town Burchmores (Nr) Auction 24A Steenveld021 525 2733CATALOGUE
18:0019 Sep 2018Burchmores Durban Auction 85As Cooper031 263 1832CATALOGUE
18:0019 Sep 2018Durban Burchmores (Nr) 19As Cooper031 263 1832CATALOGUE
10:3020 Sep 2018WesBank Midrand Auction 120H Landman086 110 1363CATALOGUE
10:0025 Sep 2018Aucor Bloemfontein Non Runner / Salvage Auction 16P Gertse051 433 2613CATALOGUE
10:3025 Sep 2018Aucor Bloemfontein Auction 58P Gertse010 252 2100CATALOGUE
10:3325 Sep 2018Devco Gp Auction Trucks Trailers Yellow Metal 0H Keet012 345 4345CATALOGUE
10:3325 Sep 2018Bloem Aucor Auction Truck / Trailer / Yellow Metal 1H Keet051 433 2872CATALOGUE
10:3026 Sep 2018Aucor P/E Truck / Trailer / Yellow Metal Auction 2H De Jager041 487 0699CATALOGUE
10:3026 Sep 2018Port Elizabeth Aucor (Non Starter / Accident) Auction 5H De Jager041 487 0699CATALOGUE
10:3026 Sep 2018Port Elizabeth Aucor Auction 55H De Jager041 487 0699CATALOGUE
10:3026 Sep 2018Aucor Durban Auction 56As Cooper031 512 5150CATALOGUE
10:3026 Sep 2018Durban Aucor (Nr) Auction 6As Cooper031 512 5150CATALOGUE
10:3326 Sep 2018Wh Auctioneers Midrand Auction 7H Keet011 574 5700CATALOGUE
10:3027 Sep 2018WesBank Midrand Auction 32H Landman086 110 1363CATALOGUE
10:3027 Sep 2018Aucor Durban Truck / Trailer / Yellow Metal Auction 0As Cooper031 512 5150CATALOGUE
10:3028 Sep 2018Burchmores Jhb Non Runner / Salvage Auction 23T Bonga010 252 2143CATALOGUE

Things to remember:

  • Catalogues are updated at 12h00 on the day before the auction.
  • The final catalogue at the auction is subject to change and this list should be used as a guide only.
  • WesBank reserves the right to remove a vehicle from a catalogue without notice.
  • All goods are sold ‘voetstoots’.
  • A registration fee of R5,000 is required, payable by bank guaranteed cheque or EFT only – please note that the registration fee for Bloemfontein and Aucor Cape Town is R10,000.
  • No cash will be accepted on the premises.
  • A cash deposit fee of 0.8% will be charged on all cash deposits paid into WesBank’s bank account.
  • The Auction Guide contains detailed information about bidding at an auction.
  • Please ensure you are familiar with our Rules of Auction.

Additional information for the Central Selling Depot, Midrand:

  • There is an auction every Thursday with over 100 vehicles each week.
  • Vehicles may be viewed from 09h00 to 16h30 on the day before the auction.
  • For Luxury auctions only, vehicles may also be viewed from 13h00 to 16h30 on the Tuesday before the auction.
  • Finance must be pre-approved prior to the auction.
  • Contact Bonny Ntsaluba on 073 5590 199 bonny@auctionfinance.co.za or Janine Oosthuizen on 082 330 1472 Janine@auctionfinance.co.za for your finance requirements.
  • Secure parking and a canteen are available.