Wesbank Private Finance Application

Wesbank Private Finance Application

Looking to buy a vehicle from a friend, family member, private individual, or business? You can finance the purchase, just the same as if you were buying from a dealership, with the added peace-of-mind of a technical inspection.


Benefits of WesBank private sale finance

A facilitated sale

We act as the go-between for you and the seller, using our experience and expertise to finalize the sale as quickly, simply, and securely as possible.

Vehicle peace-of-mind

We go beyond the mandatory roadworthy test and ensure that a technical inspection is carried out on the vehicle. The deal only goes ahead if you’re satisfied with the results.


A smoother hand-over

With online contract signing and the roadworthy already over and done with, we help make the vehicle hand-over process smooth and efficient.

Buying a car from a private seller


Clear guidance and assistance for you and the seller. Here’s how it works:


Apply Online

  • You apply for finance to buy the seller’s vehicle (being sold for R30 000 or more)

Provide the seller’s details

  • With your finance approval confirmed, you give WesBank the seller’s contact details.
  • The seller confirms the details and signs a sale agreement with WesBank.

Check the roadworthy results

  • Once completed by the seller, you get the results of the roadworthy and technical inspection
  • The deal goes ahead once you confirm that you’re satisfied with the results.

Sign your contract

  • You sign and submit your vehicle finance contract online.

Collect your vehicle

  • You collect the vehicle from the seller and drive off in your new car. (We can suggest some safe hand-over locations for you and the seller)
  • WesBank pays the seller the full purchase price.