Wesbank Pre Approval

Wesbank Pre Approval

WesBank is one of the largest credit installment institutions in South Africa and South Africa’s largest provider of loans for cars. Below is the information on the Wesbank Pre Approval

We offer a range of options that are guaranteed to suit your every need when it comes to vehicle finance.

Personal finance applications

What would you like to apply for?
  • A car, bakkie, van or minibus for personal use
  • A scooter, off-road or on-road motorcycle for personal use
  • A jetski, quad bike, boat, caravan or trailer for personal use
  • Islamic finance
  • A personal loan
  • Balloon refinance

Fast Application

You can use this tool whether you’re still exploring your options or ready to apply. It allows you to:

See what your affordability is (how much you could be approved for)

See what a personalized deal structure on a specific car would be

Save pre-approved car deals until you are ready to make one of them final

Apply in under 10 min and use your dealership reference to secure your car