Wesbank Leisure Finance

Wesbank Leisure Finance

Buying a leisure asset through a dealer is easy if you know how. We’ll help keep the process simple and ensure that you are protected every step of the way.


Need to finance a boat, jet ski, caravan, golf cart or bicycle?

We’ve got a finance solution that covers all these leisure assets and more. Apply now and get an instant answer.

You can also apply for finance at one of our approved dealers.

Why finance leisure assets through WesBank?

We have a strict appraisal process that vets both the
asset and the level of after-sales support from the dealer. 

If your application is approved we’ll validate the contract
and final details and get your asset delivered to you.


Steps to getting financed

Fill out the online application – it takes about 20 minutes. Get an instant answer.

An agent will contact you (during working hours from Monday to Friday) to discuss the rate and any other important factors related to the deal.

You send us relevant documentation (view the list below)

The agent will contact the dealer and obtain an invoice* for drawing up the contract.


No need to hassle with signing contracts! We will send it to you by fax or email and talk through it in detail. This call will be voice-logged, which is legally binding.

You visit the dealer with your documentation to sign the delivery receipt and collect your asset. 

* If you are buying a boat or jet ski, it will first need to be evaluated by our agents to ensure the value is correct.

The required documents


There are a few rules and regulations for obtaining finance through WesBank.
Make sure you meet the necessary requirements to avoid your application being rejected.

The documents you need to send to us:

  •  A copy of your green barcoded ID
  •  A valid driving licence (or skipper’s licence for a boat)
  •  Recent payslip or other proof of income
  •  Proof of residential address (utility bill no more than 3 months old)
  •  Insurance details (only required upon finalisation of the deal)

Documents to take to the dealer:

  •  Signed marital status (if applicable)
  •  Originals of the documents you sent to WesBank to prove your physical address and income
  •  Original ID and driving licence
  •  Proof of insurance on the vehicle with WesBank’s interest noted
  •  The dealer will copy and certify these documents and send them to us