Wesbank Get Settlement

Wesbank Get Settlement

A settlement letter is a letter that provides a quote for the amount you need to pay in order to settle your vehicle finance account in full. The quote is valid for a specific period – usually seven calendar days (which amounts to 5 business days plus a weekend) – a period that is in line with the rules of the National Credit Act.

This letter will also show you the most recent instalment you paid: this instalment has been taken into account in the calculation of the settlement amount still due. For the settlement quote to be valid, you need to pay any monthly instalment that may fall due in the next seven-day period. This monthly instalment amount is indicated in the letter.

2. How do I request a settlement letter?

You can request and print a settlement letter from our website. Visit www.wesbank.co.za and register for Account Services. You may also request a settlement via SMS by sending the letter ‘S’ followed by your 11-digit account number to 31329. Please ensure WesBank has your updated contact details for you to utilise this service.

It’s also possible to e-mail or fax your request to: [email protected] or 0861 888 272. These must be marked for the attention of the Admin Department. Please ensure you provide your vehicle finance account number and/or ID number within the request. Give us the e-mail address or fax number to which you would like us to send you your letter, and we`ll forward it to you.

3. What is a paid-up letter?

A paid-up letter is a letter confirming that an account has been settled or paid up in full.