Wesbank Debt Collection

Wesbank Debt Collection

If your account’s in arrears, you can pay the outstanding amount (or part of it) right now through our secure payment gateway. Just remember to use your account number as the payment reference.

Consider your credit record

Having your account in arrears can negatively affect your credit record in the long run. This can, in turn, make it harder to get credit in the future, including refinance for a balloon payment.

Here are some tips on how to put things right:

Find out your credit status

You can request a credit report online from a choice of respected credit bureaus. Credit bureaus consider things like your vehicle finance, store accounts, mortgage, and loans, in order to grade your credit record/score.

Remember: It is irresponsible, and effectively illegal, to provide credit to a customer who can’t afford it.

Keep your credit record healthy

Do everything you can to stay on top of your monthly bills. Every missed payment/debit order damages your credit record. Similarly, settling outstanding debt goes a long way to improving it.

How to improve your credit record and become financially fit