Wesbank Dealerships

Wesbank Dealerships

Below is the information on the Wesbank Dealerships


Buying through a dealer is easy if you are the know-how. We’ll help keep the process simple and ensure that you are protected every step of the way.

When you’re buying a car through WesBank vehicle finance, you have a lot of choices: new, used, private seller, approved dealer, or auction house. And although we can’t make the choice for you, we can help you get started.


Knowing what you can afford

Before you go shopping around for a car, it’s important to work out what you can afford in terms of a monthly repayment (installment). Here are two ways to do it:

Budgeting tool

Our budgeting tool helps you to calculate how much disposable income (spare money at the end of the month) you have to pay for a car (including the repayment, fuel, insurance, etc.)

Personalized affordability tool


To get a more precise calculation of your affordability as a finance application that takes your credit history into account, you can use our amount personalized affordability tool.

Become an expert in vehicle finance

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The rules for a dealer sale


There are a few rules and regulations for obtaining finance through WesBank.
Make sure you meet the necessary requirements to avoid your application being rejected.

The car you buy must:

  •  Be sold by a dealership approved by WesBank
  •  Be worth R30,000 or more

You as the applicant must:

  •  Be over the age of 18
  •  Be a South African citizen or permanent resident
  •  Have a valid driving licence
  •  Have a clear credit record
  •  Earn at least R6,250 per month