Wesbank Dealerships

Wesbank Dealerships

Below is the information on the Wesbank Dealerships

Buying through a dealer is easy if you know how. We’ll help keep the process simple and ensure that you are protected every step of the way.

Steps to getting financed

Online application

Fill out the online application – it takes about 20 minutes.

Instant answer

Get an instant answer.

Application approval

If your application has been approved, we
will contact you for information about your
chosen dealer.

Approved application

Once you have finalised your transaction
with the dealer, including any deposit
payable, we will hand over your approved
finance application and contract to the dealer.

Vehicle insurance

Your vehicle needs to be comprehensively
insured before you can drive it away.
To make things easier, WesBank
offers a comprehensive insurance package 

Become an expert in vehicle finance

Click here for more vehicle finance tips and information.

The rules for a dealer sale

There are a few rules and regulations for obtaining finance through WesBank.
Make sure you meet the necessary requirements to avoid your application being rejected.

The car you buy must:

  •  Be sold by a dealership approved by WesBank
  •  Be worth R30,000 or more

You as the applicant must:

  •  Be over the age of 18
  •  Be a South African citizen or permanent resident
  •  Have a valid driving licence
  •  Have a clear credit record
  •  Earn at least R6,250 per month