Wesbank Approved Dealers

Wesbank Approved Dealers

When you’re buying a car through WesBank vehicle finance, you have a lot of choices: new, used, private seller, approved dealer, or auction house. And although we can’t make the choice for you, we can help you get started.

Before you go shopping around for a car, it’s important to work out what you can afford in terms of a monthly repayment (installment). Here are two ways to do it:

Budgeting tool

Our budgeting tool helps you to calculate how much disposable income (spare money at the end of the month) you have to pay for a car (including the repayment, fuel, insurance, etc.)

Personalized affordability tool

To get a more precise calculation of your affordability as a finance application that takes your credit history into account, you can use our amount personalized affordability tool.

Finding a car

Online vehicle listings are the easiest place to start looking for a car. There, you’ll find cars being sold by different sellers, including dealerships, private sellers, and auction houses.

You can apply for WesBank finance for cars from any of these different types of sellers, as long as the car is being sold for at least R30 000, and you meet the basic requirements for a finance application.

See if you’ll be approved

Once you’ve found a car that looks like it fits your budget, you can use our PERSONALISED AFFORDABILITY TOOL to see if you’d be approved for it (taking your affordability and credit health into account).

You can do this for multiple cars while you shop around and save each approval to your profile as you go. Once you’ve decided you want to make things official with your chosen car and deal structure, it takes just a few clicks to finalize the deal and sign your contract online.

Finalise your deal and sign

When you’re ready, we’ll give you a final deal reference that you can use to secure your vehicle . Once you’ve paid any fees and/or deposit owing to the seller (private seller, dealership or auction house), you can sign your vehicle finance contract online. We’ll then pay the seller, and you can collect the vehicle and take it home.

Soon after signing your contract, your online customer profile will become available, where you can access a host of account services and value-added services.