Tyme Digital

TYME Digital represents a focus on delivering digital solutions and a HUB for application development across TYME Bank. TYME Digital designs, builds and operates digital banking ecosystems.

We have developed an innovative KYC solution that allows customers to open a simple bank account over their mobile phone, and open an unrestricted bank account (with full KYC identification) from a remote location instead of having to enter a bank branch by using their mobile.

Tyme’s proprietary Kiosk is deployed across 700+ PnP stores providing a physical point of presence that generates a sense of security and permanency – a critical differentiator in markets where regulators and customers distrust purely online financial services.

Your EveryDay account gives you access to a tool called

Send Money, lets you send money to anyone with a valid South African cellphone number (they don’t even need a bank account). It’s free if you’re sending cash to another TymeBank account holder, otherwise it will only cost you R4. Send Money is almost instant. The moment you send the money, the person receiving it will get an SMS voucher that they can use to withdraw the cash at any Pick n Pay or Boxer till point in SA.

Quick, safe and secure

Money Transfer is a service that lets you send and receive cash with ease. You don’t need a bank account or documents. Just register once at a TymeBank kiosk at selected Pick n Pay or Boxer stores and you’re good to send money (and get money) at any Pick n Pay or Boxer till point countrywide.


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