Tyme Bank Application

What is TymeBank

TymeBank is a new kind of bank that’s digitally smart. The money we save by not having branches benefits you, it means you pay a lot less for banking. We have no monthly fees, many everyday banking transactions are FREE and there are very low charges for other transactions. And that’s just for starters.

Open your EveryDay bank account online

Open your EveryDay bank account online and join the bank that lets you earn more and pay less with no monthly bank fees, many free day-to-day banking transactions and online shopping.

What is an EveryDay bank account?

Your EveryDay bank account allows you to enjoy benefits like no monthly fees, many free day-to-day banking transactions, online shopping, low or no charges for other transactions, and gives you access to our powerful GoalSave tool.

Open your account today

Open your account right here, right now and collect your debit card at a TymeBank kiosk in a Pick n Pay and Boxer store.