t Account For First National Bank

t Account For First National Bank, Instant Accounting is a unique, online accounting solution which uses your FNB electronic bank statement to generate financial statements and reports, including income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements and more.


What you get


Simpler bookkeeping with little or no accounting knowledge.

Low maintenace

No need to buy software, set up, and/or maintain.


Easy to view

A snapshot view of your business’s financial position with the new, user-friendly and visually appealing dashboard.

Easy storage

Storage of all your accounting data on FNB’s secure servers with the added benefit of back-ups being done by FNB.

Easy updates

Enabling business owners/managers to view and/or update.

Automatically upload your bank statements

It’s that simple.


What you can do with it

Start. Progress. Save.

Quick start guide

Easily get started with the new quick-start guide, which provides 4 easy steps on how to start using Instant Accounting.

View your progress

View an up-to-date activity monitor of how far you have progressed.

Cost saving

Experience an overall cost-saving (you can save on software costs and on internal and external bookkeeping costs).

Detailed reports

Detailed financial statements and reports, including income statements, balance sheets + VAT reports.

Find an Accountant

Get the job done professionally.

Do you need an accountant to do your books for you? Please see below a list of accountants who are trained in using Instant Accounting and regularly use the system to prepare their customers’ financials.

Getting it made easy

Instant Accounting

Qualifying criteria

  1. Have an FNB Business account
  2. Be registered for FNB Online Banking