Standard Bank Wills

Standard Bank Wills

Planning your estate is about looking to the future and securing your family’s interests and wellbeing. Taking practical steps now will help to avoid complications later. And it all starts with putting your personal affairs in order.

Getting your Will drafted is about more than setting down your wishes. Our estate planning experts are on hand to give you the best advice, and to provide safe custody of your Will in a secure vault. Give yourself the peace of mind of knowing that your estate will be administered smoothly and efficiently.


Professional advice

Draft your Will together with an estate planning expert to avoid disputes or delays

Peace of mind

Your Will can be secured in a vault protected against loss, theft or damage

What you get

  • A legal document that specifies how your affairs are to be settled
  • A plan on how your loved ones will be provided for in the years to come
  • Protection for beneficiaries who are minors or have special needs
  • Guard against unintended consequences of intestacy and inheritance disputes
  • Preservation of your wealth for the future generations

Keeping your will safe

  • We will keep your Will secured in a Standard Bank vault
  • Your Will is available when required
  • Its contents remain confidential and available only to authorised persons 
  • The vault is monitored and protected against loss, theft or damage

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