Standard Bank Travel Insurance

Standard Bank Travel Insurance

Standard Bank Travel Insurance provides additional cover for unforeseen circumstances while you are traveling, providing you with complete peace of mind.


How it works

Enjoy your travels a lot more knowing that you are covered by insurance wherever you go. You get automatic travel insurance at no cost to you every time you buy your travel ticket on your Standard Bank MasterCard or Visa card.

Automatic cover provides you with personal accident, emergency medical and related expenses cover as well as assistance services. Because this may not meet every aspect of your travel insurance needs, additional cover is available at preferential rates to provide you and your family with more financial protection and peace of mind every time you travel.


Standard Bank travel insurance is underwritten by Chartis South Africa Limited.


Best suited for

  • Yourself,
  • Yourself and your spouse,
  • Yourself and your children or
  • Your whole family


The policy provides cover for unforeseen circumstances when traveling locally or abroad when your travel ticket is purchased with your Standard Bank MasterCard or Visa card. Public conveyance means any scheduled or chartered conveyance legally licensed to carry passengers for hire, in which the insured person is traveling only as a fare-paying passenger, including taxis but excluding minibusses, non-standard motor vehicles, and non-pressurized single-engine piston aircraft.


Universally accepted

This prepaid MasterCard is accepted everywhere but South Africa, Lesotho, Namibia, and Swaziland

No till-point charges

You only incur transaction costs if paying in a currency other than that loaded on your card

Free updates

Get free SMS alerts on your card activity when you register online


Your chip and PIN-enabled card offers familiar security features to prevent fraud

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