Standard Bank Pure Save

Standard Bank Pure Save

The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited is a South African financial services groups and is Africa’s biggest lender by assets. Simple card-based savings account that gives you immediate access to your money.



Park extra cash to earn interest until you need it

Instant access

No notice period, simply withdraw or transfer your cash

Flexible saving

No minimum limits on additional deposits

Link your account

Link your bank card for easy online and self-service channel access

What you get 

  • Capital is guaranteed
  • Access your money immediately
  • Interest rate is based on account balance
  • Interest is calculated daily and capitalised monthly
  • Link your account to your existing bank card
  • No monthly statement
  • Account balance is available online or on self-service channels

What it costs

  • No monthly fees
  • Pay-as-you-transact fees applies

How to get it

  • Speak to your business banking consultant
  • Or complete the contact form
  • Make a minimum opening deposit of R 50
  • You must keep at least R 50 in your account at all times
  • Account opening is subject to Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA)