Standard Bank Investment

Standard Bank Investment

Plan for your financial future with our savings and investment accounts, which have been expertly crafted to help you reach your medium- to long-term goals.

PureSave Account

Open this no debit order savings account that allows you to transact and shop for what you want today, while saving and earning interest for tomorrow.

Fixed Deposit investment account

Open an investment account where you can choose your investment period, make a single deposit, and see your money grow at a fixed rate. T&Cs apply.

Flexi Advantage investment account

Invest today for a better tomorrow with a competitive investment account. Access 40% of your funds whenever you need it and enjoy fixed interest rates.

MoneyMarket Select investment account

Invest in the tomorrow you deserve with competitive returns and guaranteed growth and have anytime access to your savings.

MarketLink savings account

Enjoy the benefits of a bank account while saving money for a rainy day.

Tax-Free Call investment account

Put as much as R36 000 a year tax-free and get immediate access to your funds with this investment account.

AutoShare Invest account

Expand your investment horizons into the stock market with ease through an AutoShare Invest account

Tax-free Investment account

Optimise your tax-free allowance by investing in the stock market through Exchange Traded Funds

Notice Deposit investment account

Choose your own notice period with our flexible investment account and earn more interest the longer you save.