Standard Bank International Payments

Standard Bank International Payments

Make authenticated payments to international accounts in-branch if you’re not using online or mobile app banking.


Safe transactions

Bank-to-bank transfers are verified using internationally-agreed standards

Forex rules

Receipts above R 50 000 need to conform with exchange control laws

Making Payments

Bring a copy of your ID* and complete the exchange control form we give you.

If you don’t bank with us, you’ll also need proof of residence not older than three months.

We’ll need the recipient’s name and account details, and the routing number and sorting code or IBAN number the recipient gives you.

It can take up to two working days for your money to reflect in their account.

*All transactions must comply with Financial Intelligent Centre Act (FICA) requirements

Recieving Payments

Provide the sender with the Standard Bank SWIFT code (SBZAZAJJ) and your bank account details.

Amounts under R 50 000 can be cleared without an exchange control form.

For higher amounts, we’ll help you complete an exchange control form in-branch so the money can be released.

Exchange controls require that currencies are converted into rands within 30 days.


Fees for sending or receiving forex can be handled in three ways:

  • Sender and receiver pay their own fees
  • Sender pays sending and receiving bank fees
  • Recipient pays sending and receiving bank fees

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