Standard Bank Insurance Online

Standard Bank Insurance Online

All-inclusive comprehensive short-term insurance for your car, home, and buildings. Cover can be provided as an all-inclusive packaged deal for all three, or as standalone cover options.

You may qualify for a safe driver discount by completing and passing our digital safe driving test. You can also get proactive about safe driving by using the digital driving coach. Read more about the digital driver test below.


If you elect to take the digital driving test or share your ongoing driving behavior to receive driving feedback then we will be collecting information from your mobile device via the Standard Insurance Limited mobile app which includes: your location data, your vehicle speed, and your usage of your mobile device whilst driving. We may also use sensors on your device to optimize and reduce battery usage.

In order to protect your privacy, we will not collect your location data when you are not driving (or not a passenger in a vehicle that is being driven). With respect to your driving information being used in a claim: we will use the collected driving data to verify the time and place of an accident that gives rise to a claim. We will not use your driving data for any other purposes in the settlement of a claim.

Download the Standard Insurance Limited Short-Term Insurance mobile app

  • Car – Our vehicle insurance provides various cover type; Comprehensive cover, Third party, fire and theft, Third party only. Each cover type allows for exciting options  which offer various benefits:
    •  Extended new for old replacement (24 months)
    • Purchase price replacement
    • Better motor vehicle replacement
    • Retail value replacement
    • Market value replacement
    • Top-up cover
    • Safe Driver Discount
  • Household Content – Content cover insures your household contents for loss or damage by an insured event such as Fire, storm, theft and earthquake
    • Include All risk cover to your household contents insurance to insure all the unspecified property such as clothes and personal equipment worn or designed to be carried on or by a person
  • Building – covers physical structures and improvements to your building including fixtures and fittings attached to walls, floor, roof or land that make up the insured property
    • Cover benefits
      • Rental benefit in the event your house is not liveable
      • Security guard benefit, if security features have been compromised

**Get content and building cover and you automatically receive free Personal liability cover worth R10 000 000

Other available covers:

  • All Risks
  • Personal Accident
  • Personal Liability
  • Legal Assist
  • Hospital Cash Plan
  • Top-Up
  • Watercraft 
  • Personal Computer
  • Cash Back and reward options – Not claiming has profit
    • Variable no claim cashback
    • No Claim Cashback
    • 13th month no premium payable
  • Convenience Benefits – We care about your wellbeing, and we would like to help you return to where you were before any unforeseen incident
    • Road assistance for roadside emergencies like a flat tyre, keys locked in your motor vehicle
    • Home emergency services to help you with household problems or emergencies, such as a faulty geyser or accidental glass breakage
    • Road accident legal assistance helps you to claim from the Road accident Fund (RAF), if you are in a motor vehicle accident
    • Trauma counselling is provided if you have been a victim of a violent act of theft, hold-up or high-jacking
    • Medical expenses if any motor vehicle occupant suffers injury in an accident
    • Take-me home service in the event you are stranded on the side of the road due to theft or you cannot drive your car, we’ll organize you transport to your nearest destination

** terms and conditions apply for the above-mentioned benefits