Standard Bank Funeral Cover

Standard Bank Funeral Cover

Get the flexible plan that meets your needs and fits your lifestyle and pocket.


You decide who you want to cover and for how much. Choose your level of benefits and the amount of cover for you and your family.
You can cover up to 6 children, 8 extended family members and up to 4 parents and an option to choose additional benefits for the main insured and spouse at an additional premium.

Funeral Benefit

The maximum cover amounts are as follows:

  • R 100 000 for the main member and spouse
  • R 20 000 for children 6 years old and younger
  • R 50 000 for children older than 6
  • R 80 000 for parents and  in-law
  • R 50 000 for extended family

Optional additional benefits for main member and spouse at an additional premium*

  • A maximum of R 20 000 for the memorial benefit
  • A maximum of R 20 000 for catering benefit
  • Up to R 2 000 for groceries, payable monthly for 6 or 12 months (maximum R 24 000)

Option additional benefits for ALL other lives at an additional premium:

  • Repatriation Benefit – Options available: R10 000 , R25 000
  • Airtime Benefit – Options available: R200; R500; R1000

If you want to take out the Flexible Funeral Plan, please consider the following:

  • The main member and one spouse must be 18 to 65 years old.
  • Children are covered from birth to age 20 (24 if they are students). A maximum of six children can be added.
  • Parents and parents-in-law must be aged 18 to 85. A maximum of four parents and parents-in-law can be added.
  • Extended-family members are covered from birth to age 85. A maximum of eight extended-family members can be added.
  • There is no medical underwriting.
  • There is an option to waive the waiting period if you are switching from other insurers.
  • A waiting period of six months applies to all benefits.
  • There is a 12-month waiting period for death benefits in the case of suicide.
  • There is a one-month waiting period for benefits in respect of accidental death.
  • You can choose up to five beneficiaries

Flexibility means that you choose what you pay! Thus:

  • Any additional premium payable per person added will be dependent on cover amount selected and age at time of policy application.
  • Any additional premium payable for each additional benefit selected for main insured and spouse will be dependent on level of amount selected, age at policy application and period of benefit payment where applicable.
  • There is also an option to add an automatic annual premium and benefit increase at an additional premium.