Standard Bank of SA Ltd

Standard Bank Fees

Standard Bank Fees

Standard Bank may change service charges and fees at any time after a reasonable notice of not less than 30 days is given. This disclosure applies to consumer accounts.

*Accounts that remain overdrawn longer than three (3) business days will be charged a daily fee on business days.

Updated 07/2018

Standard Bank Fee Schedule
Product NameFee
ACH Origination (Per month)$25.00 (or less)
ATM Fees: Non-Standard Bank/Non-PNC ATM Machine ATM Mini Statement$   2.50 $   1.00
Canadian Check Processing Fee$20.00
Check Collections$25.00
Check OrdersPrices Vary
Close-Out Fee (within 6 months of account opening)$25.00
Coin Fee (per roll)$   0.05
Continuous Overdraft Fee (Non-Overdraft Privilege)$10.00*
Copies (Checks, deposits, statements, etc.)$  5.00
Coupon Collection (per envelope)$25.00
Currency Fee (per $100)$   0.05
Dormant Account Fee (per month)$10.00
Excessive Transaction Fee (Each transaction over six)$10.00
Fax Send and Receive Fee$  3.00 + .25 Pg
Foreign Check Collection$80.00
Insufficient/Uncollected Funds (per check)$35.00
Interim Statement/History$  5.00
IRA Transfer to Another Institution (Each)$25.00
Levies/Writs/Escheats Attachments/Garnishments or Other Legal Processes$150.00 (Plus Attorney Fees)
Night Depository Key Replacement$  5.00
Notary Fee$  2.00
Official Bank Checks Third Party Issue$10.00
Overdraft Protection on Qualified Accounts (per occurrence) See Overdraft Disclosure.$10.00
Records Research (per hour – 1/2 hour minimum)$25.00 (plus .25/item)
Replacement of CD, ATM Card, Reissue Pin$  7.50
Replacement of Coupon Book$10.00
Return Deposited Check$10.00
Return Mail (Per month)$10.00
Return Originated ACH Item$10.00
Safe Deposit Box Rental (Varies with size)$20.00 – $140.00
Safe Deposit Drilling (Varies with size)$90.00 – $150.00
Safe Deposit Late Fee$10.00
Safe Deposit Lost Key$25.00
Share Loan Set-Up Fee$10.00
Signature Guarantee (STAMP)$  5.00
Stop Payment$35.00
Sweep Service (Per month, varies with balance)$35.00 – $75.00
Visa International Transaction Fee1.00%
Wires Incoming Domestic$15.00
Wires Incoming International$20.00
Wires Outgoing Domestic$20.00
Wires Outgoing International$45.00
Zipper Deposit Bag$  5.00
Zipper Deposit Bag (Keyed)$20.00