Standard Bank Easy Sell

Standard Bank Easy Sell

When money is short we sometimes have to make some really tough and heartbreaking decisions.


Selling your home may be one of those but it could make the difference between your total financial ruin or financial recovery.

The process of selling a property may seem daunting, even more so when you’re facing the stress of financial difficulties.


One way in which we may be able to support you in such times is to help make the selling process so much easier through Standard Bank’s EasySell programme.

Besides helping you sell your property as soon as possible, EasySell can help you by offering you the opportunity to reduce your home loan settlement amount.

How EasySell works

EasySell is a private sale programme designed to help you sell your property and settle your home loan with as little stress as possible.

There is a dedicated EasySell team at Standard Bank that will use their knowledge of property marketing to help you get your property sold sooner rather than later.

You will benefit from exposure on the EasySell database of really serious buyers.

They will also use their knowledge and connections with the best property agencies in South Africa to ensure maximum exposure for your property. In addition, they will advertise your property though newspapers and websites, such as

We also make it attractive to buyers by offering them up to 100% loans on all EasySell properties and they can also get a 50% discount on their transfer and bond registration fees.

You are presented with only the best – and most realistic – offers and it remains your call on which offer you choose to accept. This means that you are always in control of the sale of your property.

How you benefit by EasySell

Besides the convenience and access to the right buyers, we feel the greatest benefit is the additional financial help it provides, especially if there is a shortfall.

A shortfall is when a property sells for less than the amount owed on the home loan. Firstly, when you sell your property through EasySell we will deduct up to 10% off what you owe us on your home loan.

You also get some relief if you are behind with rates, taxes or levies as these amounts can be added to your loan balance and will form part of the shortfall.


You may also include the cost of your property’s electrical compliance certificate added to that.

This means that the sale of your property is not hampered by you not being able to pay these costs upfront – as is usually required in the sale of a property.

When you sell your property through EasySell, you get to pay off any shortfall interest free over five to 10 years.

Talk to one of our EasySell consultants at Standard Bank for more about this.


Outstanding balance:R 500 000
10% discount on outstanding balance:R 50 000
Total OutstandingR 450 000
Less selling price (nett after agents commission)R 350 000
ShortfallR 100 000
Overdue levies, rates and taxesR 20 000
Electrical compliance certificateR 5 000
Total shortfallR125 000
(Discount only applicable if there is a shortfall)

EasySell keeps the wolves from the door

Going the EasySell route is a decision only you can make when you know you are in a financial dead-end.

Should you choose to not sell your property and your financial situation does not improve, your creditors will start taking legal action, like repossession.

In legal processes you have no control over what happens and what your property sells at.

This is why making that tough decision at the right time is so much easier.

Don’t wait until it’s too late

Although it’s a tough decision, if selling your home can make a real difference to your financial health it is certainly an option worth considering. Let us help you make the right decisions.


For advice and assistance on how the Standard Bank EasySell program can help put your finances on the road to recovery, email us at [email protected], call 0860 007 724 or SMS the word ”assist“ and your account number to 32663. One of our consultants will call you back with the information you need to help set the process in motion – and set your mind at ease.