Standard Bank Business Account

Standard Bank Business Account

Run your business with a bank account that gives you more freedom and visibility, and the backing of specialists in cash flow money management.



Manage spending limits

Enable key staffers to cover day-to-day expenses with company credit cards offering up to 55 days’ interest-free settlement terms

Open a gateway to lending

Boost your cash flow with access to a business overdraft, loans, revolving credit, and debtor or structured finance


Offer convenient payment

Access innovative payment devices and solutions that allow your customers to pay you quickly and safely however they prefer

UCount Rewards for Business

Earn UCount Rewards points whenever you pay for anything by card, and spend them on fuel, trips, or office supplies


What  You Get

  • 24/7 access to the BizDirect support team
  • Secure electronic transfers, pre-paid purchases and payments
  • Custom payment and collection solutions
  • Cross-border and international business support
  • eStatements for easy filing
  • Notifications on transactions via MyUpdates
  • Get in touch with us via WeChat or Facebook Messenger 

Card Features

  • Secure chip- and PIN-enabled cheque card
  • Tap to Pay™ at till points for R 500 or less
  • Earn UCount Rewards for Business when you pay by card
  • Link your card to the SnapScan or Masterpass apps to pay by phone
  • Activate or disable till-point, ATM and online card functionality using our app
  • Automatic Lost Card Protection

What it costs

  • No opening deposit
  • No minimum balance
  • Annual card fee included
  • Monthly fees:
    Small enterprise R 75.66
    Business                     R 90.79
    Commercial            R 105.92

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