Standard Bank 32 Day Notice Account

Standard Bank 32 Day Notice Account

Even out your cash flow by placing excess money into an account that offers competitive rates and easy access.


Build a buffer

Put away surplus cash to take care of planned or unexpected expenses

Flexible saving

Add to your savings at any time, draw all or some funds after giving notice

Compound interest

Boost your balance by retaining monthly interest to grow

What you get

  • Interest rate linked to account balance
  • Easy access to funds after 32-days’ notice
  • Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly
  • Capital is guaranteed

What it costs

  • No monthly fees
  • Pay-as-you-bank fees apply to certain transactions

How to get it

  • Speak to your business banker
  • Or complete the contact form
  • Make a minimum opening deposit of R 250
  • Account opening is subject to Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA)