Standard Bank 2018 Learnership

Standard Bank 2018 Learnership

Standard Bank is a company that is dedicated towards offering outstanding Standard Bank Learnerships in the banking sector to individuals that are talented, enthusiastic and willing to learn much about banking sector. The company has established a good reputation and is the leading corporation in providing learnership programs related to banking. they have highly skilled workers the banking academy who impart the relevant skills to South African citizens that apply for Standard Bank Learnerships.


There are different fields of learnerships in the banking sector. This gives candidates a variety of options to choose from. Candidates are encouraged to apply for a learnership using  the Standard Bank Learnerships application forms based on their occupation or area of specialisation in the banking sector. This will help to improve their skills which shall later be applied in a practical working environment.

Learnership Fields

  • Branch Manager
  • Home Loans Officer
  • Dept Counselor
  • Treasury Analyst
  • Accountant
  • Teller

Standard Bank Learnership Requirements

Just like any learnership institution, there are certain requirements that candidates who apply for Standard Bank Learnerships should meet in order to qualify. This implies that applying for learnership at Standard Bank Learnerships is not a guarantee that you will be shortlisted. Some of these qualifications are a must while others are considered where applicable. We are going to provide you with some of the qualification requirements so that you can apply with confidence.

These Are The Requirements

  • Candidate should be aged between 18-30 years
  • Applicant must attach detailed CV containing all the relevant contacts and references
  • Applicants should include copies of their certificates, identity card and proof of address
  • Candidate must be a South African citizen or a permanent resident
  • Matric Certificate is required
  • Applicant should be proficient in English
  • Applicant must not be employed permanently
  • Candidate should be computer literate
  • Applicant should be a team player and self motivated person
  • Candidate must not be studying or enrolled for a program at a higher institution of learning such as university
  • Candidate should be flexible and demonstrate willingness to learn and work
  • Applicant must not be registered with any other learnership at the time of making application

This will Also be Checked:

  • Criminal record
  • False documents
  • References with previous employers
  • Credit card records
  • Registered employees dismissal process
  • Duration For Learnership

Most learnership programs at Standard Bank have the same duration. This is because they are based on 4 levels. Every candidate must meet these four levels of qualification in order to graduate.

Completion of Learnership

Upon completion of the learnership, each qualified candidate will be given a level 4 NQF National Banking Certificate.


Successful candidates will receive a monthly stipend of R5000 for the entire learnership duration.

How to Apply for Standard Bank Learnerships?

Standard Bank Online Application Forms

You can apply for a learnership by completing Standard Bank Learnership Application Forms. These forms are available at different Standard bank offices located in all regions in the Republic of South Africa.

Online Application for  Standard Bank Learnerships also available. This prevents you the hassle of looking for applications forms. Online applications are made available in the course of the year not only on the company website, but also other sites.

Interested candidates will be able to access them once the programs are open for application. It is important to note that even though most of the information will be filled online, not everything will be done on the internet to complete the application process. Candidates will be required to attach other relevant documents such as copies of ID and certificates.

Visit their website for more information.

Candidates should also remember that an online assessment test will be conducted. For their applications to be considered, they will have to register at least a 60% score. Candidates will also be interviewed face to face by relevant people.

Closing Date

Standard Bank learnership opportunities usually open during the beginning of the year. There are a couple of different once and they may not all open at the same time. Generally, they close during April every year. Applicants are advised to be on the watch out when the year starts so they don’t miss out on this opportunity.



Standard Bank Learnerships are the best for you if you want to improve your skills in banking. Different programs are available so make sure to have a clear preference. You are recommended to apply as soon as the learnership open so you can benefit from this excellent opportunity.