Standard Bank 2018 Fees

Standard Bank 2018 Fees

Below is the information on the Standard Bank 2018 Fees

Banks are just like other businesses – they charge a fee for their services called a ‘bank charge’ or ‘service fee.’ However, every bank has their own way of doing business and will charge different rates depending on the type of account you have and how and when you take money out.

But, how much could you be spending on bank costs this year? South Africa’s big five have unveiled their fees for 2018, pricing everything from ATM withdrawals to cash deposits to Personal Loan service fees. Below is a snapshot of the costs of common transactions associated with the most basic packages for different banks. For more information on pricing and charges on a range of account types, please consult the banks’ full fees structures, which can be found in the links provided.

This entry level and affordable bank account will meet all your transactional needs, even if you earn less than R3 000 per month or is unemployed.

Monthly administration feeR4.95
Cash withdrawal – Absa ATMR6.00
Cash withdrawal – Absa supported ATMR6.00
Cash withdrawal – Point of SaleR1.30
Cash deposit – branch counterR8.00 + R2.00/R100
Cash Deposit – Absa ATMR4.50 + R1.40/R100
Funds transfers – Absa ATM, Online, Mobile, TelephoneFree
Funds transfers – Branch counterR60.00
Prepaid Top-up – Absa ATM, Point of Sale, Online, Mobile, TelephoneR1.50
Immediate interbank payments – Online, Mobile, Telephone (IVR)R60.00
Internal and external debit ordersFree for internal and R3.75 for external
Stop orderFree
Balance enquiry – Absa ATM/Absa-supported ATM/Point of SaleFree
Absa ATM mini statementR7.00
Branch counter full statementR28.00
Debit/Cheque card replacement feeR140.00
Declined fee (insufficient funds) – Absa ATMFree
Saswitch/POS/Absa-supported ATM/Overseas ATM/Post OfficeR6.00