Standard Bank 2 Factor Authentication

Standard Bank 2 Factor Authentication

Extra security for your banking portfolio

2 Factor Authentication is a multi-level login procedure that requires a user to provide two passwords before being granted access to a new Business Online banking profile. This additional security level helps to reduce the risk of fraud on your online banking portfolio.

As the name implies, 2 Factor Authentication makes use of two levels of security. The first of these is the self-generated user password. Users choose their own passwords, and may change them at any time.

The second level of security is known as a one-time password, which is generated by a device called a token. Each registered new Business Online user has their own token, which generates random passwords at regular intervals. Only the password provided by the token at the time of logging on will be valid for a particular new Business Online session.

All new Business Online users will be required to log on using 2 Factor Authentication.

Registering your token

Once you have received your token please use the following steps to register your token

  1. Enter your User id and password.
  2. Click the “Register” button.
  3. Enter the 10-digit token serial number (no spaces or dashes) that appears on the white label on the back of the token.
  4. Press the grey token button once to switch the token on (ensuring that the button is on the left of the display), wait 2 seconds for the 
    6-digit, numeric one-time password to be displayed.
    Enter this password in the One Time Password field.
  5. Click the Login button.