South African Bank Of Athens Wizzit

South African Bank Of Athens Wizzit

WIZZIT is a Mobile Banking Solution Provider that assists partner Financial Institutions & Service Providers in promoting Financial Inclusion. WIZZIT’s Vision is to financially empower consumers through the creation of cost-effective mobile payment infrastructure.


WIZZIT has been operational since 2004 cementing its position as a global leader with a full-time team of over 60 professionals. Implementations across three continents with innovative state of the art technology and platforms combined with strategic input and insight make WIZZIT International a much sought-after partner for financial institutions that want to make a difference.



• President Bill Clinton’s invitation to address the Clinton Global Initiative on the WIZZIT model as a means to bank a billion.

• CGap – Gates Foundation Grant

• Netexplorateur Grand Prix for Innovation awarded by the French Minister of Finance.

• Top three most innovative Banks in Africa – African Journal of Banking

.• Finalist in Stockholm Challenge for Banking Innovation

.• Twice finalists in Financial Times and IFC awards for banking in Emerging Markets

• Invitation to speak at G20 Financial Inclusion summit in Mexico.

• Speaker at Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI).

.• Speaker at SIBOS Osaka and SIBOS Africa regional conference.

• Speaker at Harvard Business School.

• Presentations to many Central Banks and Bankers Associations.


The inability of banks to innovate has left the door wide open for fintech providers to capitalize. With banks set to lose 50% of the payment space by the end of 2016, now’s the time to explore strategic, collaborative partnerships. While this remains a contentious topic, the consensus is that mobile banking is the preferred channel for consumers – and is exponentially cheaper for banks. Digital and mobile only banks could be the way forward.


While 90% of banking executives believe that change is accelerating towards digital banking ecosystems, only 12.9% say their core systems can support this movement. WIZZIT’s solutions are designed to bridge that gap – with highly customizable, easy-to-integrate solutions which can be implemented in a matter of weeks.

Minimal disruption to you and your IT.

Potential to increase sales by 60%.

Decrease client acquisition costs by 20%.

Meet Government pressure for financial inclusion.

8 – 12 week implementation.

Tailor made and customized to your needs.

Mobile Banking and mobile commerce solution for banked and unbanked customers.

Branchless Banking and Mobile Banking for previously untapped massive market.

Very cost effective solution.


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