South African Bank Of Athens Limited

South African Bank Of Athens Limited

The South African Bank of Athens Limited is focused on delivering world class banking services to the medium-sized business market in South Africa. A truly South African bank, it was established and has been operating in this country since 1947.

The bank’s primary focus is the delivery of core banking services to businesses with an annual turnover above R10 million. These services include the cornerstones of business banking – lending, transactional banking, treasury and foreign exchange.

The bank currently has offices in Gauteng, Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Kwazulu-Natal.

The primary benefit offered is the ability to specialise in the financial and banking needs of medium-sized businesses, providing exceptional customer service through highly skilled and experienced relationship managers offering service levels usually reserved for large corporates.

Our relationship managers each run small portfolios, allowing a significantly higher level of customer contact and involvement, as well as unmatched speed in decision-making. The bank has principle clearing bank status, and it is a Registered Credit Provider and an Authorised Financial Services Provider.