Sasfin Bank Exchange Rates

Sasfin Bank Exchange Rates

Currency volatility is regarded as a major factor affecting the success of businesses the world over. With the ongoing currency fluctuations, the need for experienced forex and treasury management teams, including systems, has been recognized to ensure that businesses buy and sell currency at the optimum price.


We at Sasfin Forex assist corporate, business, and private clients with a unique range of specialized services and solutions that reduce loss of revenue, competitiveness and market share. We ensure this at highly competitive rates, settling currency and rand flows on time, and advising on any other foreign exchange complexities that clients encounter in the international trade and investment arenas.


We exchange more than words

Product and service offerings

  • Buying and selling of foreign currency
  • Treasury and foreign currency risk management
  • Cash management and forecasting
  • Advance reporting and administration
  • Sasfin online trading platform
  • An in-principle forex trading line based on Audited Financial Statements
  • Customer Foreign Currency Accounts for resident enterprises
  • Foreign Currency Accounts for individual or non-resident entities
  • Direct dealing facilities and a dedicated portfolio manager
  • Information and guidance on exchange control matters
  • Applications submitted to the South African Reserve Bank for new initiatives or permission on matters not covered in the existing 
  • Assistance with private forex investment transfers

Additional benefits

  • Direct Dealing: Execution of a client’s foreign exchange transactions on imports and/or exports via the dealing room or online.
  • Administration and Execution: Exchange rate monitoring and provision of market updates relevant to a client’s portfolio. Administrative, operational and reporting support is included on client portfolios.
  • Risk Management Solution: Assistance with treasury management, foreign currency risk management and interest rate risk management through developing a customised, suitable Risk Management Policy.
  • Online Trading Systems: Range from the ability to conveniently book personal or business forex cover, to a full treasury management system which includes cash management and cash forecasting.

Our decades of experience offers you

  • Highly-skilled forex and treasury management experts
  • Dedicated portfolio managers
  • Currency and rand flows that are settled on time
  • Highly-competitive rates
  • Daily market insights
  • A mobile Sasfin online trading platform
  • Immediate, up-to-date live quotes
  • Electronic documentation flows
  • Exposure and position tracking
  • Personalised client service
  • Reduced forex-associated risk
  • Flat fee for foreign transfers and receipts