RMB Private Bank Travel Insurance

RMB Private Bank Travel Insurance

No one plans to break their leg skiing in Japan or to fall off a scooter in Greece, but it happens. What you may not realise is that your medical aid or hospital plan will not completely cover you if you are travelling internationally, and that’s why you need travel insurance.

The good news is if you buy your tickets in South Africa (prior to departure and at full fare) using your RMB Private Bank Credit or Debit card and you are under the age of 70 , ticket holders are automatically covered by RMB Private Bank’s Comprehensive Global Travel Insurance for the first 90 days of their journey*. If you are 70 or older, but less than 85 years of age, you are entitled to buy our travel insurance at subsidised rates.

Because there’s no need to buy additional top-up cover you will save around R200 per ticket. The policy includes up to R10 million for medical expenses and personal liability cover, as well as providing cover against personal accidents, cancellation, travel delay, lost and stolen, or damaged luggage.

Some recommendations to ensure peace of mind while travelling:

 Prior to departure, call the Global Travel Insurance Help Desk on 0861 490 100 to obtain a personalised copy of the Travel Policy and ensure you fully understand the terms and conditions.
 If you have already purchased travel insurance from a travel agent, you are entitled to cancel it within a stipulated number of days before your trip.
 To avoid your claims being declined, please advise the help desk on 0861 490 100 as soon as you become aware that you may need to make a claim.
 If you are travelling internationally, kindly advise your Relationship Manager or our Client Service Centre of that fact, so that we can ensure hassle-free transacting with you RMB Private Bank Credit Card.
 If you are travelling within South Africa, remember that your RMB Private Bank Credit Fuel card (that is your black fuel card) entitles you to free AA roadside assistance. To request assistance, call AA directly on 0860 00 4646 or (011) 799 1000. You will need to present your credit fuel card when they arrive.
 Lastly, it’s good to know that with your RMB Private Bank card you are entitled to various discounts when booking your travel through eBucks. You can also use SA currency to take advantage of the special holiday packages that are available online via eBucks. Visit www.ebucks.com for more information.

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