RMB Private Bank Fiduciary

RMB Private Bank Fiduciary

Effective generational transfer of wealth

Our team of Fiduciary Specialists use their specialist legal and tax planning skills to design and implement an estate plan that will ensure that you and your loved ones derive maximum benefit from your assets now and for generations to come.


We offer the full range of fiduciary advisory services

  • Wills
  • Trust formation
  • Estate duty calculation
  • Liquidity analysis
  • Succession planning
  • Trusteeships
  • Administration of deceased estates
  • Tax planning and offshore company structuring

Our fiduciary advice and legacy planning services includes acting as independent professional trustees and managing the structures in place.

Please note that we do not provide tax advice and you must consult an external specialist for this purpose. We do, however, take tax into consideration when planning a wealth strategy for you.


Trustees, advisors and mentors

As you pass through the various stages of your life, our objective is to ensure ongoing effective legacy planning by:

  • Supporting the transfer of your legacy between generations, by providing sound and consistent advice.
  • Assisting each generation to further your legacy and build on its success, by understanding their specific needs and goals.
  • Building a relationship with your family and acting as professional independent trustees, advisors and mentors.


Benefit from the full range


Effective legacy planning goes beyond estate planning. It also requires managing the legacy you have inherited, and the decisions you’ll need to make when bestowing that legacy on future generations.


Strategic estate planning includes setting up and managing cross-generational trusts, and putting appropriate wills in place. These are some of the tools we use to structure your legacy plan. We also do legacy plan reviews to ensure that any unforeseen circumstances can be dealt with and that your legacy remains relevant to your circumstances.


We consider all your estate planning needs such as the countries in which your family members are based, the jurisdictions across which your businesses or assets are located and accumulated benefits from past and present domicile. Where appropriate, we work closely with our offshore trust specialists in Guernsey