Rand Merchant Bank Unit Trusts

Rand Merchant Bank Unit Trusts

This account allows you to do so much more. You can get access to your money in 32 days; choose a Tax-Free Cash Deposit, Tax-Free Unit Trust and a Tax-Free Shares account.

Tax-Free Savings Accounts can be held at one or more qualifying institutions. At RMB Private Bank you are allowed to hold all Tax-Free Savings Account product choices.

You can choose the Tax-Free Cash Deposit, Tax-Free Unit Trusts and the Tax-Free Shares Account.

However, contribution limits will not be monitored at a customer level if more than one product choice is selected. It is your responsibility to monitor your annual tax year contribution limit as well as the lifetime limit.

Enjoy the convenience of banking anytime, when you link your account to your Online Banking profile. You can also earn eBucks Rewards – giving you access to exclusive offers and discounts.



You need your money to increase with inflation. Investing in an FNB Fund allows your money to do just that


The investment options are flexible and tailored in terms of risk and your investment term


Investing in the long term gives your money a better chance to grow and cushions you against market volatility


Benefit from economies of scale, through collective purchases


Diversify your portfolio with a minimum amount of R5000


You can easily exit from your investment should the need arise. However, this is not recommended in the interest of maximum returns.