Rand Merchant Bank Trade Finance

Rand Merchant Bank Trade Finance

Our documentary credit and structured solutions assist our clients with business growth through targeted trade financing and risk mitigation techniques. Our highly-skilled teams work across asset classes, industries and currencies to advise, structure, arrange, underwrite, distribute and provide funding across our clients’ capital structures.

These solutions include:

  • Structured trade (escrow, distribution, structured finance, structured liabilities)
  • Traditional trade (documentary credits, guarantees, foreign bills)
  • Discounting and refinancing of documentary credits
  • Risk participations

The future of export finance

The battle for global export competitiveness is an important topic, as major economies stake their claim across international markets.

Blockchain technology could give intra-African trade a lift off

Intra-African trade could rise up to 30% within the next five years with the use of digitization and blockchain.