Rand Merchant Bank Solutionist Thinking

Rand Merchant Bank Solutionist Thinking

At RMB our thinking digs deeper and sees further. It’s an approach we call Solutionist Thinking: A can-do mindset that is considered and innovative, curious, and resilient, with a passion for possibilities.

It constantly challenges the conventional and embraces the power of collective thinking to unlock unique opportunities for our clients. It’s the magic that inspires everything we do.

What do people with purpose and curiosity for unique possibilities have in common? They are all unconventional thinkers making a positive difference in the world. Their secret? Their ability to be Solutionist Thinkers.

At RMB we are passionate about unlocking opportunities through our Solutionist Thinking approach that challenges the conventions of ordinary thinking.

Solutionist Thinking unlocks opportunities

At RMB we are passionate about solving problems for our clients by asking the hard questions. We challenge accepted thinking. We analyse and seek solutions beyond the obvious. We are innovative in our thinking and turn challenges into opportunities. We call ourselves Solutionist Thinkers.