Rand Merchant Bank Rowing

RMB is the proud sponsor of the National Rowing Squad, leading up to the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo. With full naming rights to the team, they are known as the RMB National Squad. We chose to sponsor rowing as we believe there are many synergies between this grueling team sport and business.

Rowing is regarded as one of the ultimate team sports. Whether you are in a boat or in our case a bank – sustainable success can only be achieved when the best talent harnesses their individual strengths and work as a team to achieve their goal. While individual skill is required both in banking and rowing, the real test lies in how well the individuals work together to move the business (and boat) in the right direction. When great minds work together for a common purpose, magic happens.

It was clear from the start of our relationship with the National Squad back in 2015, that rowing demands a fair share of courage from its athletes – who continuously show up to fly the national flag high and achieve great things against all odds.

We continue to support and celebrate their courage. Their strength and ability to beat the odds and to rise to the challenge can be a daily inspiration to all of us.