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Nedbank Wealth

A brief overview of our approach and how you can benefit from our globally integrated advice.

‘Connected wealth’ lies at the heart of what we do.
Every financial decision you make is connected through invisible threads to other aspects of your life. This is what we call ‘connected wealth’. Our advice process makes these threads more visible and therefore more manageable. It also connects you to the solutions, services and expertise that you need to make the most of your money.

We can provide you with advice and solutions on every aspect of your wealth.
We have the skills and expertise to advise you on all your financial matters, whatever your priorities and goals:

What we offer
Bank and borrow optimally, with easy access to your money and support, as well as a range of local and international banking solutions and services.
Protect your wealth from the impact of unexpected events, with short-term insurance and life assurance.
Grow your wealth by accessing leading local and international investment and trading opportunities.
Structure and transfer your wealth with local and international fiduciary services that can give you peace of mind about your family’s financial future.
Use your money to have a lasting positive impact on causes you care about with philanthropic advice and services.  

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Your priorities are the foundation of our approach.
The first step in our advisory approach is to focus on understanding what is important to you and what success means for you, because everyone’s circumstances, priorities and goals are different.

Why us?
We have a rich history of nearly 200 years, which when combined with Nedbank’s financial strength, resources, local footprint, and international presence, gives you peace of mind that the advice you receive is appropriate, holistic and will meet your needs now and in the future.

  1. Local and international advisory and technical expertise
    With operations in South Africa, United Kingdom, Guernsey, United Arab Emirates, Jersey and Isle of Man, we will be able to give you globally integrated advice and expertise. Our wealth managers are salaried professionals with legal and finance backgrounds. They provide clients with coordinated and direct access to local and international technical specialists. Our team of fiduciary specialists provides complex estate and tax planning and international structuring expertise. Our philanthropy specialists provide strategic advice and services on structuring, governance, grant-making, sustainability and social impact for families, businesses, and charitable trusts and foundations. We have won the philanthropic advice category in the Euromoney survey five years running.
  2. Innovative, award-winning digital platforms
    Our innovative, award-winning app meets your need for convenient, efficient, and secure transacting from wherever you are. This is supported by a 24/7 client service suite.
  3. Integrated investment management, banking and borrowing expertise
    Together, we have dedicated investment research and fund management teams in South Africa and internationally with a leading long-term track record. We collaborate to provide traditional bank savings products and collective investment schemes as well as more complex hedging, structured products, private equity and other options to meet your personal investment and corporate finance needs.

Become a client
We can help you if you currently:

  • earn at least R1,5 million per year; and/or
  • have R5 million of investable assets.

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Other options if you don’t meet the qualifying criteria
If you are looking for advice and solutions to meet a range of financial needs, the financial planners from Nedbank Financial Planning would be happy to help.