Nedbank Verify Payment

Nedbank Verify Payment

Below is the information on the Nedbank Verify Payment


Nedbank’s Account Verification Service allows you to verify upfront whether a current or savings account belongs to an individual or a company, helping you to confirm the validity of an account before you make a payment into or institute a collection against it.

  • You can specify a unique client reference for each AVS request.
  • You receive an email as soon as an AVS batch response is available.
  • You can load an account as a beneficiary/collectee after a successful verification.
  • You can specify a sub-billing ID to organise AVS submissions easily by profile number/department.


  • Reduced risk – verify your receivables and your payments.
  • Convenience – verify account details through NetBank Business or a direct connection to your line-of-business system.
  • Fast turnarounds – real-time verifications (AVS-R) take at most 45 seconds; near‑real‑time verifications (AVS) take at most two hours. 

More information

  • AVS-R banks: Nedbank, Standard Bank, FNB, Absa
  • AVS banks: Nedbank, Standard Bank, FNB, Absa, Capitec, Mercantile Bank.