Nedbank Travel


  • Load up to eight international currencies with locked-in exchange rates.
  • The card will automatically use the currency of the country you are in.
  • Buy and manage your currency for the Travel Card using the Nedbank Money app and online banking.
  • Block your lost or stolen card. Freeze your misplaced card and unfreeze it when recovered using the Nedbank Money app or online banking.
  • Cash out funds from your card into your transactional account using the Money app without paying commission charges when returning from your travels.
  • Receive a backup card for free.

How to get a Travel Card

Complete an online application by clicking here or visit any Nedbank Forex Branch.


How it works

Before you travel

  • Ensure that you sign the back of both cards, mainly to help merchants verify that you are the owner of your card.
  • Change the PIN to one you will remember. Each card comes with a preissued five-digit PIN; should you choose to use this PIN, please memorise it and keep the printed PIN separate from your cards at all times.
  • Download the Nedbank Money app from your app store; your card will be registered automatically. This will help you manage your card on the go, as you will always know what your currency pocket balances are.

While you travel

  • Always take the backup card with you when you travel and keep it in a safe place while you go sightseeing with your primary card.
  • Swipe your card at point-of-sale devices for free.
  • Use your Mastercard ATMs safely to withdraw the currency of the country you are visiting.
  • Ensure you always transact in the currency of the country you are visiting when using the card.

When you return from your trip

  • Cash out the remaining funds on your Nedbank Travel Card within 30 days of returning from your travels, as required by the South African Reserve Bank (SARB).
  • Store your cards and PINs safely so you can use them again when you travel in the future.

Who qualifies

Any South African resident travelling overseas for a holiday or on business. You will need to have a valid passport and travel documents. Travel documents include a valid e-ticket, bus ticket or confirmation of the border post if you travel by car.

More information

How to activate your Nedbank Travel Card received at expos or promotions

  • If you are a Nedbank client, you can scan and email the card carrier with both your cards attached, along with your valid identity card or document to [email protected], or simply visit any Nedbank Forex Branch.
  • If you are not a Nedbank client, please do not remove your cards from the envelope or the card carrier – they need to be in their original packaging to be activated at a Nedbank Forex Branch. 

Queries and lost card replacement

If you experience any problems, call the Nedbank Contact Centre immediately on +27 (0)800 555 111 or send an email to [email protected] during business hours.

Unfortunately, we cannot deliver replacement Travel Cards internationally. Should your card get lost or stolen while you are travelling, please block it using the Money app, or call the Nedbank Contact Centre immediately on +27 (0)800 555 111 so we can to block it on your behalf. When you block one of the cards, the backup card will remain active, so you will still be able to use it.Limits

CategoryAnnual limit
Individual discretionaryR1 000 000,00
Business discretionaryR20 000 000,00
Child (under 18) discretionaryR200 000,00

Important notice

There are no transaction limits on the card, although some ATMs may impose a maximum withdrawal limit, which is outside our control.


Please note as per SARB regulations you can purchase currency from 60 days prior to your travel dates and are required to return any unused currency within 30 days of your return.