Nedbank Travel Insurance

Nedbank Travel Insurance

Travel insurance

Whether you’re lying on the beach, exploring a bustling city or heading off to a work meeting, travel is always a welcome break from your routine. But things can also go wrong – from delayed flights, lost baggage to falling ill in a foreign country. That’s where travel insurance can protect you and your wallet from these unforeseen events, so you can have peace of mind and enjoy your trip stress-free.



As a Nedbank Cardholder, you get basic automatic travel insurance for both local and international travel when you purchase your travel ticket(s) on your Nedbank Credit or Cheque Card*. This insurance has been designed specifically with you in mind and as a Nedbank Cardholder to protect you while you travel.  Basic Automatic Cover has the following exclusions: 

  • Duration of travel (limited to 30 days)
  • Age of travellers ( limited up to age of 75 years old)
  • Pre-existing medical conditions are not covered
  • Hazardous pursuits, partaking in activities that can endanger your life,  like sky diving

As with all policies, conditions do apply.  Because certain events and pre-existing medical conditions are not covered under the basic automatic insurance, we have arranged top-up packages to enhance your cover. These include:

  • Three options of incremental medical emergency cover, which includes cover for baggage loss, baggage delay, missed travel connections and ticket upgrades on all options.*
  • Additional cover for pre-existing medical conditions.*
  • A package for senior travellers between the ages of 75 and 85.

If you require additional cover you can buy the optional top-up cover at an affordable fee.

For frequent travellers

Consider the mandate option. This is a convenient way of ensuring travel insurance cover at a discounted rate every time you travel.

For peace of mind travel get your Nedbank Travel Insurance.

Call 0860 885 501 for embassy letters, benefits and exclusions, travel policy documents, more information and additional top-up cover.

Is this travel insurance right for me?

  • I want automatic insurance when I purchase a travel ticket using my Nedbank Credit or Cheque Card.
  • I want to top-up my basic travel insurance.
  • I have not purchased my travel ticket on my Nedbank Credit or Cheque Card, but I still need travel insurance.

* Terms and Conditions apply. Refer to the travel insurance policy for more details.