Nedbank Running Club

Nedbank Running Club

Nedbank Running Club Overview


At the end of 2006 Nedbank incorporated a series of road running events throughout the road running season in conjunction with Athletics South Africa (ASA). The events were called the Nedbank Matha Series and started in 2007. The series hosted races from 5 km fun runs up to 42,2 km standard marathons. Great battles were seen between the elite runners in South Africa as well as between the youth and up-and-coming talent who competed in the shorter distances. 

Nedbank’s big step of launching the Nedbank Matha Series made it clear that it was serious about getting involved in the sport of road running. In January 2008 Nedbank decided to get even more involved and broadened its spectrum by establishing 10 road running clubs and two development clubs across South Africa.


These running clubs focus on attracting and actively targeting Nedbank employees, Nedbank clients and the general public. Whether your goal is to get fit, kick a habit, lose a few centimetres or just improve your general health, road running offers a cheap and easy way to achieve your goals.  Getting started is easier than you think, thanks to Nedbank’s 12 Nedbank Running Clubs, which are located across the country. 

The clubs were founded nine years ago and are open to runners of all abilities. They provide an easily accessible platform for like-minded people to get together and pursue a healthy lifestyle. In addition, the Nedbank Running Club (NRC) has attracted the cream of South African runners and their consistent weekly presence on podiums around the country is evidence that the NRC is on the right track.

Under the expert management of Nick Bester (past winner of the Comrades Marathon and multidiscipline athlete), the NRC has grown its membership base from a modest 1 200 in 2008 to 4 100 by the end of 2016. Nedbank’s representation at the 2016 edition of the Comrades Marathon saw more than 1 000 NRC runners enter the event, with no fewer than nine of the 20 gold medals going to NRC members.

Our athletes won both of the most prestigious races in the country, namely the Comrades Marathon and the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon. We look forward to seeing the Nedbank colours fill the streets once again in 2017. It’s never too late to take to the roads. We have a club near you and look forward to welcoming you all. Join us and become a part of the Nedbank road running family!

To find out how visit or call 012 541 0577.

Road Running

Some benefits that you can experience when Becoming a member of the Nedbank Running Club.

You will be part of a running club that:
• attracts and actively targets Nedbank employees, Nedbank clients and the general running public;
• focuses specifically on women, athletes with disabilities and youth in accordance with ASA age limits;
• provides members and visitors with regular running activities where they can enjoy and improve their sport and socialise;
• participates in national and provincial athletics association events;
• encourages, motivates and trains young upcoming athletes from all walks of life;
• has a strong focus on standardised, internationally recognised road running distances up to and including the marathon (42,2 km);
• has clubs that are situated nationally in 12 cities so that you, as a member, can join and share in their activities at any given time throughout the year;
• has weekly well-organised time trials;
• has at least one club race tent per month where you will be served with refreshments after a race and a gazebo at most of the major races in their province where you can leave your tog bag and valuables;
• has a hospitality area at major national races such as the Comrades, Two Oceans, Nedbank Soweto Marathon and Om Die Dam;
• gives you access to the national NRC website that has useful running information, up-to-date reports and announcements of road running events, as well as club information and newsletters;
• enables you to associate with winners and road running champions such as David Manja, Irvette van Zyl, Ludwick Mamobolo, Coolboy Ngamole, Claude Moshiywa, Charné Bosman and Joel Mmone;
• has one of the lowest club and licence fees in the country;
• provides a platform where you can ask an expert and personal advice and obtain training programme information from the Nedbank Green Dream Team running legends; and
• has organised social functions throughout the year. If you are a Nedbank employee, you will get R50 off your already-low membership fees. The variety of Nike/Nedbank running attire is of very high quality with a modern design. You can choose between the traditional vest and shorts or crop top and tights, long- and short-sleeved T-shirts, tracksuits, long and quarter tights for winter, golf shirts, caps, running briefs, etc


Nedbank remains a committed supporter and sponsor of local running. Running provides an opportunity to touch the lives of all South Africans without experiencing cultural, racial or financial barriers. Running is truly a sport for all.

Nedbank’s involvement in running is aimed at addressing three requirements:

  • To establish Running Clubs that focus on attracting Nedbank employees, Nedbank clients and the general public to running, thereby growing the base of active athletes in the country.
  • To attract the best South African runners with a view to raising the quality of local athletes to provide these runners with the necessary infrastructure, backing and expertise for them to be able to be competitive on the Global stage.
  • To create a family-based experience that is not threatening or intimidating to social runners or walkers who are interested in staying fit, socialising or simply enjoying a healthy lifestyle and improve their sporting ability.

Nedbank Running Club

In early 2008 Nedbank launched the Nedbank Running Club (NRC), with 13 branches based in 12 cities around the country to bring running enthusiasts together at a social and competitive level while identifying and guiding talented individuals to excel at the sport. The NRC now has a membership of over 3 800 people. The branches are strategically located in Soweto, Gauteng (North and Central), the Eastern Cape, the Free State, KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga, the South Western Districts, the Western Cape, the Vaal Triangle and in Central North West.

Nick Bester, a fomer winner of the Comrades Marathon and a prodigious multidiscipline athlete, serves as the club’s National Manager. The development Nedbank Running Clubs are managed by top athletes, the likes of Enoch Skosana, Pio Mpolokeng, legendary Xolile Yawa and Siyaya Khoza.

For more information visit;

Nedbank Green Dream Team

The Dream Team consists of a mixture of top South African athletes who compete in all the recognised distances as well as many of South Africa’s ultra-marathons. This elite squad has been individually selected after consultation with experienced managers and coaches. Many are worldclass runners in their own right and athletes such as Modibe Ludwick Mamabolo (former Comrades Marathon winner), Claude Moshiywa (former Comrades Marathon winner), Charne Bosman (Runner up Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon/Comrades Marathon), Irvette Van Zyl (multiple SA Champion), Rutendo Nyahora, Mapaseka Mapanya (multiple SA Champion), Cornelia Joubert (former SA Marathon Champion), David Manja, Joel Monne, Caroline Wostmann (2015 Old Mutual Two Oceans and Comrades Marathon winner), Thabiso Coolboy Ngamole (3 x SA Marathon Champion) Africa Mailola, Eric Ngubane and Sibusiso Nzima form part of the team.

The Green Dream Team is supplemented by a talented squad of promising young development athletes who are nurtured by the NRC across the country.

ObjectivesTo provide running clubs that attract and actively target Nedbank employees, Nedbank clients and the general running public.

Focus specifically on women / athletes with disabilities / youth in accordance with Athletics South Africa age limits

To provide members and visitors with regular running activities where they can enjoy and improve their sport as well as socialise

To participate in the events of the National and Provincial Athletics Associations

To encourage, motivate and train young, upcoming athletes from all walks of life

Providing running clubs that develop and nurture new talent via agreed development programmes like Pio Mpolokeng`s program for development runners in Klerksdorp, The Nedbank Soweto Running Club in Kagiso managed by Siyaya Khoza The Kids for athletics project in Cape Town

Directing strong focus on standardized internationally recognized road running distances up to and including the marathon (42.2km)

To support and only contract South African athletes in general

To provide organised time trials for their members and have a club house and meeting place

For more info you may also visit the website at and to view team member profiles.

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