Nedbank Mobile

Nedbank Mobile


With mobile banking from Nedbank you can manage your finances anytime, anywhere, even if you don’t have access to your computer or aren’t close to a branch.

Mobile banking allows you to do the following:

  • View balances. 
  • Transfer funds between accounts. 
  • Set up and pay beneficiaries.
  •  Top up your prepaids.

Additional Information

Nedbank’s mobile banking is secured by Approve-it™, an enhanced security feature that allows you to authenticate sensitive transactions before they are processed.

Ensure that your profile number, PIN and password are protected and not shared with anyone. Nedbank will not be liable for any transactions on your profile where your PIN has been given to another person.

The system does not save details of the transaction, profile number or PIN – there is no risk of anyone accessing the information if your phone is stolen. If the banking session is interrupted for whatever reason (eg by an incoming call, an SMS or a flat battery) the transaction may time out.

The transaction will also time out if there is no activity for some time. To protect you and your money you will be automatically logged out of the session.

Cellphone Banking WAP

Use your cellphone or smartphone to access mobile banking using WAP. Visit from your handset’s internet browser.

With Cellphone Banking WAP, you pay the same transaction fees as with internet banking. If you have an existing internet banking subscription, you don’t pay extra subscription fees for Cellphone Banking WAP.

SMS Banking

Use SMS Banking to do straightforward banking, similar to using an ATM. Simply dial *120*001# from your cellphone and follow the easy menu prompts.

SMS Banking is free of subscription and transaction fees. You are charged by your service provider only for the time spent using the application. Costs vary according to networks, so please contact your service provider for the latest pricing.

Airtime without Airtime

You don’t need airtime to buy airtime; simply dial *130*001# to top up.