Nedbank Imali

Nedbank Imali

Pay now – Nedbank Send-iMali

To make Nedbank Send-iMali payments:

This screen enables you to capture details for your Nedbank Send-iMali transaction.

Select the from account, which is the account that will be debited.

Select option to send money to “Own number” or “Other number”.

In the case where money will be sent to “Own number, the cellphone number field will be prepopulated with the last 4 digits of your cellphone number.

In the case where money will be sent to “Other number”, enter the appropriate cellphone number in the cellphone number field (please ensure the cellphone number is entered correctly as Nedbank will not be held responsible for sending money to incorrectly captured cellphone numbers).

Enter the description you wish to appear on your statement in the “My statement description (DR)” field.

Select the transaction notification type (SMS, Fax or Email) to send a notification to the recipient you are sending the Nedbank Send-iMali to.

Enter the amount you wish to send the recipient (When making a Nedbank Send-iMali transaction you are restricted to a daily limit).

To continue with the transaction, select the ‘Make payment’ button to make a single payment or on the ‘Add payment to list below’ button to make multiple Nedbank Send-iMali transactions.

After adding a Nedbank Send-iMali transactions to list, select “Make payment” to continue with the transaction.

To edit transactions in a list, edit the editable text boxes or select the account number hyperlink which will allow you to edit the transaction in the capture section. After editing the transaction, select “Add payment to list below” the select “Make payments” to continue.

To delete a Nedbank Send-iMali transaction from the list, select the tick box in the ‘Select’ column and select the delete button.

For more information call the Contact Centre on 0860 555 111 or+27 (0)11 710 4000..