Nedbank Exchange Rates

Nedbank Exchange Rates

International Trade – Foreign Exchange Rates

  • Rates are indications only and Nedbank Ltd accepts no responsibility for any decisions based thereon.
  • US Dollars, UK Pound Sterling and the Euro are quoted as the number of Rands per one unit of currency.
  • All other currencies are quoted as the number of currency units per one Rand.
  • Gold rates are quoted for information purposes only.
  • The TT Buying rates are applicable to the conversion of incoming foreign currency telegraphic transfers to Rand.
  • Cheque Buying rates are applicable to the conversion of foreign currency travellers cheques, drafts or cheques drawn on foreign banks to Rand.
  • The Selling rates are applicable to the conversion of Rand into foreign currency i.e all purchases of foreign currency from Nedbank.
  • Rates are updated at 10 am daily.

The rates reflected are guidelines for ascertaining daily foreign exchange rates. Should you wish to conduct any foreign exchange transactions, please contact any Nedbank branch for confirmed values.

Currency NameSellingTT BuyingAirmail BuySeamail Buy
U.S. DOLLARS15.480015.130015.104515.0935
BRITISH POUNDS20.071419.519219.481819.4691
JAPANESE YEN7.05567.39927.41187.4174
SWISS FRANC0.06140.06480.06510.0651
AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR0.08860.09370.09420.0949
BOTSWANA PULA0.67010.75880.76010.7642
CANADIAN DOLLARS0.08400.08760.08790.0881
CFA Franc BCEAO36.21710.00000.00000.0000
CFA FRANC BEAC37.67310.00000.00000.0000
CHINESE YUAN0.43500.45850.00000.4767
CHINESE YUAN0.44220.45250.00000.4536
CZECH KRONA1.40611.48560.00000.0000
DANISH KRONE0.40980.42870.42950.4299
GHANIAN CEDI0.30840.00000.00000.0000
HONG KONG DOLLARS0.50070.52470.52570.5262
INDIAN RUPEES4.58484.79564.81244.8196
ISRAELI SHEKELS0.22690.24040.24080.2488
KENYAN SHILLING6.14996.92667.06537.1193
LESOTHO LOTI1.00001.00001.00001.0000
MALAWI KWACHA45.945648.146148.269548.8325
MAURITIUS RUPEE2.14352.31032.32432.3344
NAMIBIAN DOLLARS1.00001.00001.00001.0000
NEW ZEALAND DOLLAR0.09560.10280.10330.1037
NIGERIAN NAIRA19.53680.00000.00000.0000
NORWEGIAN KRONE0.53470.56500.56620.5667
SEYCHELLES RUPEE0.85040.00000.00000.0000
SINGAPORE DOLLARS0.08720.09280.09310.0933
SWAZI LILANGENI1.00001.00001.00001.0000
SWEDISH KRONA0.58270.60730.60860.6091
TANZANIAN SCHILLING145.60720.00000.00000.0000
THAI BAHT1.97612.31132.32452.3369
UGANDA SHILLING239.9225252.47850.00000.0000
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES0.23430.24580.00000.2556
ZAMBIAN KWACHA0.60590.00000.00000.0000