Nedbank Cellphone Banking Code

Nedbank Cellphone Banking Code

Cellphone banking is a secure and simple way to bank using your cellphone, anytime, anywhere, without using data or having to download apps.  Cellphone banking uses the USSD technology.

Provides you with straight forward menu-driven options, which are similar to using an ATM. Simply dial *120*001# from your cellphone and follow the prompts.

You can use any phone, but you must have airtime and be an existing Nedbank client with a valid Cellphone Banking PIN or an active Nedbank card or a Nedbank profile number and PIN.

Your Nedbank profile number is a 10-digit number that starts with a 3. If you don’t remember your Nedbank profile number, you can visit your nearest branch. Remember that you can register for Cellphone Banking using your Nedbank card and PIN.


  • Access all your accounts instantly
  • Balance enquires
  • Transfers between your accounts and payments to third parties
  • Send 3rd party payment notifications
  • Make SARS and UIF payments, purchase pre-paid airtime and more.