Nedbank App

Nedbank App

Nedbank is proud to bring you the Nedbank App Suite, which provides you with a one of a kind, customizable and accessible banking, financial services, and lifestyle mobile experience.

Why use the Money app?

No more long queues

You can manage your accounts and loans without going to the bank.

Round-the-clock access to all your banking needs.

No data fees when transacting in-app.

What can you do on the Money app?

  • View your balance.
  • Buy airtime, data and electricity.
  • Make payments and transfers.
  • Access the Avo super app – for all your home essentials and so much more.
  • Get instant answers and self-service banking shortcuts from Enbi, our new chatbot assistant.
  • View transactions.
  • Scan to pay.
  • Buy vouchers from brands such as Playstation, Xbox, Uber, Google Play Store, Spotify, Deezer and more.
  • Set up scheduled payments.
  • Track your finances, create budgets and more with MoneyTracker.
  • Upload and change your beneficiary details.
  • Monitor your transactions and spend. 
  • Apply for a loan or credit.
  • Manage and grow your investments.
  • Get insurance. 
  • Manage your card settings – block or freeze and activate or deactivate tap and go or online purchases. 
  • Manage and set card limits. 
  • Peek at your balance. 
  • Personalise your background. 
  • Set preferences for your payment notifications easily.
  • Add up to 300 recipients on your profile.
  • Free access to your credit score.
  • Take up your preselected short-term loan offer.