Nedbank 59 Seconds

Nedbank 59 Seconds

59 seconds to be acknowledged… and then 59 minutes later I am still waiting to be seen by a banker… Third person in the queue when I arrived… The way I feel now, I could close ALL my accounts, not just the one! Well done Nedbank Galleria, making NOTHING happen!

@Kenty7p5 if you’re already in the queue you don’t need the 59 seconds acknowledgement since you know where you need to be.5:44 AM – 8 Jul 2014

I went into Nedbank Cresta to solve a problem that previously I’d not been able to solve because the 59 second person gave me the wrong information, so I didn’t even get to see a consultant. On my return, with an additional query, there was no sign of anybody (except others who were waiting) – I sat. 10 minutes later I was asked what my query was and my name was added to the register. 40 minutes later nobody had moved and neither had two newcomers been attended to at all. I asked what the problem was and was told to keep waiting – hence my sms.

I then decided to go to another branch. At Town Square I was told that all I had to do was make a phone call to solve my query. Why wasn’t I told that at the outset? 

“We want to make things happen for you. Chat soon.”!!! This was the resonse to my sms 10 days ago. Nobody has followed up so it is all of little consequence – great concern and respect for your clients, Nedbank! With an attitude such as this perhaps it is the client who “will make things happen for you” – no chatting just walking!Author: annetteds