Nedbank 2020

Nedbank 2020

Our vision to be Africa’s most admired bank is driven by continuously delivering on our five strategic focus areas: Delivering innovative market-leading client experience; Growing our transactional banking franchise faster than the markets; Being operationally excellent in all we do; Managing scare resources to optimise economic outcomes and Providing our clients with access to the best financial services network in Africa.

We’re focused on delivering innovative market-leading client experiences; growing our transactional banking franchise faster than the market; being operationally exellent in all we do; managing scarce resources to optimise economic outcomes and providing our clients with access to the best financial services network in Africa.

Delivering innovative market-leading client experiences

We acknowledge that client preferences are unique and fast evolving and continue to challenge us to use our financial expertise to do good and see money differently. To be relevant there is a continuous need for us to understand, anticipate and timeously deliver client experiences that exceed expectations. This is central to all our strategic focus areas, because innovation – whether technology is a driver or not – is a key to retaining existing and attracting new clients, which drives revenue growth.This is a strategic focus area primarily in response to the material matter ‘Disruptive technologies, disintermediation and increased competition’.

Growing our transactional bankingfranchise faster than the market

Our strategy to grow our transactional banking franchise faster than the market is driven by increasing our main-banked market share and deepening our share of wallet with new and existing clients. There is significant room to grow our approximately 12.7% retail main-banked market share to more than 15%, and similarly our share in wholesale businesses, although this is more difficult to measure against peers given the absence of independent industry benchmarks.

This is to be achieved in RBB by playing a leading role in a fully digitally transformed RBB that delivers delightful client experiences, simpler processes and cost-effective operational excellence. The rising middle market is our key target market, showing the highest economic potential, greater propensity to switch and the fastest growth rate. We will be driving this strategy through our focused four levers for ‘Winning in Transactional’ by 2020, namely Digital First, First in Digital, disruptive client value propositions (CVPs); loyalty and rewards and sales and service excellence.

In the wholesale market we are focusing on continuing to improve client coverage and further deepen client penetration, enabled by improved client insights through data integration, and greater collaboration between business units after the integration of Nedbank Corporate and Nedbank Capital into CIB.

Being operationally excellent in all we do

Simplifying, rationalising and continuously improving our processes and operations save costs and allow us to invest in our franchise and unlock new growth opportunities. Saving costs becomes more important in a tougher macroeconomic and more competitive environment, but operational excellence also provides benefits to clients, as client experiences are enhanced through simplification and optimisation. Our IT system stability is an example of differentiation enabled by operational excellence to ensure client satisfaction.

Managing scarce resources to optimise economic outcomes

We seek to optimise our through-the-cycle ROE using proactive portfolio decisions such as judiciously managing groupwide allocation of scarce resources, including capital and liquidity for strategic and optimal financial outcomes.

Providing our clients with access to the best financial services network in Africa

geographical financial services network and a compelling value proposition through investing in and expanding on our own Nedbank operations in the SADC and East Africa, and taking a partnership approach, through our 21,2% shareholding in ETI, in Central and West Africa. This approach will give our shareholders access to the faster GDP growth rates in the rest of Africa through a longer-term capital- efficient and risk-mitigated approach.

We have a strategy that is tailored for each region:

  • SADC and East Africa – We want to own, manage and control banks. Our network presence in the SADC and East Africa now comprises banks in six countries and two representative offices in Kenya and Angola.
  • Central and West Africa – We follow a partnership approach with Ecobank, in which we acquired a shareholding of 20,0% in 2014. Ecobank is the number-one bank in Ghana, is a systemically important bank in Nigeria and is ranked as a top-three bank by assets in 14 countries in Africa.
  • Investment banking deals – We are leveraging our strategic relationships, expertise, skills and resources to build a rich deal pipeline in countries across the rest of Africa.