Nedbank 1 Year Investment

Nedbank 1 Year Investment

Notice of withdrawal limit on digital and mobile banking channels

For your safety, we have placed a limit on the withdrawal amount to any party, when you use digital and mobile banking channels. This limit does not apply to withdrawals we pay to your own Nedbank accounts.

Remember to report any suspicious activity on your account by calling 0860 555 111.

Notice of withdrawal fees

From 1 July 2020 fees will be charged if you give notice of withdrawals at a branch or call centre. Bank smart and avoid fees by using your Money app, Online Banking or dialing *120*001# to give notice of withdrawal on your investment.

Automatic reinvestment when your investment matures

Without your instruction to reinvest or pay out your money when your investment matures, we will automatically reinvest your money in a notice deposit account at the rate applicable to this account when your investment matures. Any subsequent rate changes will also apply.

Please let us know what should happen with your investment before it matures.