Mercantile Bank Internet Banking Login

Mercantile Bank Internet Banking Login

Mercantile Bank

1. Logon to Mercantile Bank Internet Banking and select the SARS eFiling tab.


2. Select the SARS eFiling payment to be authorised.

3. Select the account to be debited, the Payment Date, add Notification Details if required and click on the Release button.


4. Confirm the captured details and click on the Confirm button.

5. A message will be displayed whether the transaction was successfully released for payment or whether queued for further authorization. Click on the Done button. If no additional authorization was required, the released payment will be sent to SARS for settlement.

6. The released payment is removed from the Payments to Action view and the user can select another payment for processing.

7. The released payment will now be displayed in the Payments Actioned view.

8. If the SARS eFiling payment was queued for further authorization, an authorizer will sign on, select the Authorisations_Transaction tabs and then SARS Payments.

9. Select the SARS eFiling payment to be authorized and continue with the authorization process. After the successful authorization the payment will be sent to SARS for settlement.

10. After the SARS eFiling payment was successfully authorized, the Status of the relevant payment will be updated to Paid.

For more information or further assistance contact Mercantile Bank on:

Call Centre: 0860 119923

Disclaimer: The information published concerning the banks’ products has been provided by the relevant banks and SARS has been granted permission to make this information available on our website.


The APP is compatible with Android versions 4.1 and above, Samsung, Huawei, Sony, HTC etc; iOS versions 6.0 and above, Apple iPhone

  • Mobile Application Functions
  1. Available for Individual and business
    1. Check balances
    2. View last 10 transactions per account
    3. Pay existing beneficiaries or do once-off payments (predefined or own)
    4. Internal transfer
    5. Create future dated payments and recurring payments
    6. Pay beneficiary from Credit Card and internal transfer to/ from Credit Card
    7. History of Internet Banking payments
    8. View transaction limits
    9. View security questions
  2. Business – Super user/ sub user
    1. Authorise/ Reject – beneficiary payments and transfers or predefined beneficiary payments or changes to recurring/ future dated payments and beneficiary created/ amended by user
  •  Mobile Application Functions – Restricted No access to:
  1. Change password
  2. Beneficiary Group Payments
  3. STP’s (Immediate payments)
  4. Amend recurring/ future dated payments
  5. Create or amend beneficiaries
  6. User management (create or authorise)
    • Create/ Amend/ Delete Users
    • Change User Access
    • Reissue passwords
  7. Account management (create or authorise)
    • Setting Signature Levels
    • Creating account nicknames
    • Create or authorise
      • Batch payments
      • Secure messages
      • Beneficiary signature levels
  •  Intuitive, Search & Sort

Some added additional features are, being able to

  1. Sort transaction history per date, amount
  2. Search payments per beneficiary, amount, account, date
  3. Search account numbers
  4. Recreate payment from payment history
  5. Create a Simple Batch payment (function has been simplified)
  6. Grant user access for many accounts simultaneously
  7. Send secure instructions to the bank e.g. stop and dispute debit orders, order cheque books
  8. And more….