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Mercantile Bank Exchange Rates

Mercantile Bank Exchange Rates

Mercantile Bank is an authorised foreign exchange dealer, offering a range of services for both importers and exporters active in cross-border trade. Our Treasury employs professionals with a wealth of experience, able to advise you astutely and address all of your forex requirements.

Foreign Exchange Contract (FEC)

​Mercantile Bank offers you Forward Exchange Contracts (FECs) to protect your business from unexpected fluctuations in currency prices. An FEC is an agreement between two parties to exchange two designated currencies at a specific time in the future. 
Key Features and Benefits 

  • Risk management:  Hedge your risk and protect your business from unfavourable exchange rate fluctuations
  • Predictability:  Budget accurately and on-sell with confidence, certain of the cost of your imported goods in Rands
  • Flexibility:  Tailor your FEC to suit your specific needs when it comes to amounts, delivery dates and business transactions
  • Exchange control advice:  Let our trained teams assist you with advice regarding SARB regulations and exchange control requirements
  • Access:  Enjoy easy access to forex markets and let Mercantile Treasury intermediate with other banks and currency markets for you
  • Trusted:  Rely on Mercantile Treasury and our skilled teams to manage all of your foreign exchange requirements​
  • Competitive pricing:  Benefit from competitive pricing with direct access to our dealing room.